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London Mayor backs Campaign for Social Housing

g320 is supporting Homes at the Heart, a campaign and coalition calling on the government to put social homes at the heart of its plan for social and economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

The housing crisis is especially acute in London, where council waiting lists are large, families continue to be made homeless and social housing is difficult and expensive to develop. It is also the case that many NHS and Key Workers that have steered us through this crisis are unable to afford to live in many London boroughs. Recovering from the crisis presents the government with an opportunity to take real action in solving the housing crisis by making a once-in-a-generation investment in social housing and help prevent London from becoming a polarised city, defined by vast inequality.

As a part of this campaign, g320 canvassed London Assembly members to support the campaign to build more social housing in the capital. Liberal Democrat Assembly Member, Caroline Pidgeon, asked the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, to back the campaign:

"The National Housing Federation has launched the ‘Homes at Heart’ campaign, urging the government to put building more social housing at the centre of the economic and social recovery from COVID-19. Not only would this boost the economy, but it will ensure everyone has a safe, secure and comfortable place to live, which this pandemic has highlighted the importance of more than ever. Can you confirm whether you will support the campaign and add your voice to those lobbying the Government on behalf of this campaign?"

The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, responding in backing the Homes at the Heart campaign:

"The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the extent of the housing crisis and underscored the need for all Londoners to have access to a safe, good quality and genuinely affordable home. I welcome the launch of the “Home at the Heart” campaign and I wholeheartedly agree with the need for Government to put social housing at the centre of recovery from Covid-19."

g320 are grateful to Caroline Pidgeon for backing this campaign and taking the time to ask this question at Mayor's Question Time and thanks also to the Mayor for publicly backing this campaign. g320 welcomes the opportunity to work with key partners, such as the GLA and London Assembly, to continue to build social housing and communities in London.

To read the full transcript please visit the London Assembly website

To find out more about the Homes at the Heart campaign please visit the National Housing Federation's website.


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