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g320 Members Visit Community Led Housing Development

On Tuesday 1st October g320 members visited Gateway Housing Association for an information session on Community Led Housing hosted by CDS Cooperatives and London Community Led Housing.

The session featured an introduction to Community Led Housing and current work being done in London from Lev Kerimol, with information on prospective developments and groups forming across the capital.

Linda Wallace, CDS Chief Executive, presented the case for collaboration between g320 members and community led housing initiatives and the similar history and goals that both types of organisations share.

Dave Smith, CDS Director – Development & Sector Growth, set out the journey that Community Led Housing had taken in recent years and the story of the St Clements development.

This was followed by a tour of the St Clements site from Lianna Etkind from London Community Land Trust.

For more information on Community Led Housing in London please visit London Community Land Trusts' website.


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