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g320 Change Membership Criteria to 2500 homes

During January's g320 member meeting it was agreed that the amount of homes a member can own or manage will be increased from 1000 to 2500.

This follows the motion to explore this issue being proposed at the 2019 g320 AGM. Following research by the Executive Committee, g320 members approved this immediate change to membership criteria.

g320 chair, Karen Cooper, said "Social housing is a constantly changing environment and in order to continue to best represent the interests of the smaller Housing Associations in London, g320 must continue to change and adapt in order to remain a strong collective voice in the sector".

"Following many mergers and increased development from members, it was agreed that increasing the amount of homes our members can own or manage will allow g320 to firstly retain valued members. Secondly g320 can now attract new membership with fresh perspectives and ideas"

g320's membership criteria has now been amended to reflect these changes. You can find out how to become a g320 member on our website.

If you have any questions about this announcement or about g320 please contact us.


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