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g320 Members Commended at Energy Efficiency Awards!

Two g320 members were recently commended at the Greater London Energy Efficiency Awards 2019. Peter Bedford Housing Association were commended and Eldon Housing Association were highly commended.

"We are really at the start of our journey so we were really pleased to be Commended. You have to have a plan in order to get to your goal! " said Clare Norton, Peter Bedford HA Chief Executive.

"The team at Eldon Housing Association was delighted to be ‘Highly Commended’

Under the Greater London Energy Efficiency Awards 2019 – Housing Association/Landlord." said Anne Dickson, Eldon Housing Association

"Eldon will continue to look at innovative ways in they can improve energy efficiency in their buildings which in turn reduces their carbon footprint and provide value for money for their tenants and clients. "

g320 would like to extend congratulations to Eldon HA and Peter Bedford HA on their great work and wish them the very best going forward!

To find out more about this and the work Eldon HA are doing please contact Anne Dickson.


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