g320 Impact Report 2015-16

g320 Impact Report 2016

The aim of the g320 is to promote and share good practice amongst those “smaller but beautiful” associations providing a range of housing and care services in the capital and indeed across the country.

This report has been produced to highlight that diversity, professionalism, community impact, and focus on our customers are our core strengths. Many of us are working towards developing more homes for the communities we serve, acutely aware that there is significant demand in London and the South East for the housing we provide.

We have featured the stories of a number of members to show our diversity and achievements.  We have also compared the views of our tenants on our services through benchmarking satisfaction rates and costs and these statistics are also included.

A pdf of the document is available here.

Flexible and focused the specialists at the heart of neighbourhoods  – the role and value of small housing associations in London

Final report of the independent research project commissioned by g320 to evaluate the role and contribution of smaller housing associations in London and to consider our potential.

Increasing housing supply – Ark/GLA report

Research report assessing the extent to which additional support to London’s small housing associations and local authorities could increase their contribution to new housing supply, and any practical interventions that can be taken by the GLA and others.

g320 Development Capacity Review October 2013

Research report exploring the collective capacity of the g320 organisations to develop and contribute to the supply of new homes within the Capital.