bm320 has been formed by members of the g320 group of small housing associations working in London.

Some members of the g320 group decided that it would be beneficial to benchmark their performance against other small associations. Those that have signed up to this benchmarking club are listed on the bm320 website.

The areas of performance that we benchmark are:

  • Average rents
  • Weekly costs
  • Rent collection
  • Voids and lettings
  • Stock condition
  • Repairs performance
  • Tenant satisfaction
  • Financial performance

We compile the figures once a year recording data as at the end of March and then meet four times per year to compare sets of figures and share best practice.

bm320 is part of the national group of smaller associations who use the SPBM benchmarking system run by Acuity in partnership with Housemark.

Membership of SPBM enables us to compare performance within our club, with other smaller housing providers nationally and against the sector as a whole.

If you are interested in joining the group, or finding out more information about it, then please contact Acuity.