About G320

g320 represents small housing associations in London – with fewer than 1000 homes – as part of the National Housing Federation London. Of the 320 smaller members of the National Housing Federation London there is a diverse and successful mix of housing associations, many locally focused, many delivering specialist services.

These include housing associations which focus on black and minority ethnic communities, people with support needs, key workers, students or older people and which come in many shapes, including housing co-ops, almshouses and trusts. We have many success stories to tell and continue to play a strong part in developing housing solutions for our capital.

The g320 operates as a discussion group and forum to share information. Part of this happens through regular meetings where smaller housing associations have the chance to get together to explore issues of common concern. Speakers also attend these meetings, providing information or training on important matters. More informally, we agree to keep in touch via email and the telephone, sharing policies or procedures as well as providing support or assistance in times of need.

Members of g320 are keen to demonstrate that we are fit to face the many challenges facing housing associations today. Our ability to work well in partnership with each other and with key enablers such as local authorities gives us a head start in meeting many of these challenges. We see it as important that we concentrate on the strength we achieve through our diversity, professionalism and focus on our customers.

If you want to know more please contact:

Chair: Clare Norton
Peter Bedford Housing Association
242-248 Kingsland Road, London E8 4DG

Tel: 020 3815 4030
Email: [email protected]